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02-08-2019 14:40
glaucia carvalho
Good evening. My name is Glaucia Carvalho and I made a reservation on April 08th for staying 1 night (July 5TH) on this charming hotel, during a trip to Italy with my family (3 adults + 2 kids). I live in Brazil and I already know this beautiful city, San Gimigniano. I have chosen L'Antico Pozzo to stay in, but unfortunately we had to cancel the visit this time. I proceed with the cancelation on the same day (April 08th), as per below. Yesterday, I was surprised by “” with the information that I had to make 2 cancelations instead of one, and because of that, I was supposed to pay for the other room. I was completely shocked because, for me, I had cancelled the reservation all at once. They told me you had to accept not charging for the room. Therefore, I wonder if you could not charge for this room, as an exception, for this time. It was not my intention to cancel only one room and I thought I had cancelled it all (there is no reason to cancel one room and stay in the other with a family of 5 people !) and I really made the cancellation on the same day I booked. It was a mistake. I hope you understand and reconsider. I hope I have the chance to stay in this hotel for the next time. Regards, Glaucia
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