Are laundry or laundromat available in San Gimignano? Does your hotel have any laundry services?

10-07-2018 15:43

The laundry service is available during your stay by following options: 

A) managed by the hotel

B) managed by your own

A) We provide a laundry service  in 24hours; we collect your clothes in the evening at 8pm and deliver day after at the same time washed & ironed.Dry cleaning is also available.Prices for each different piece are shown in the information brochure in your room.

B) It is also possible for you to drop/collect  your clothes by your own to the laundry in town located within the city walls. It is possible for you to choose how your clothes to be washed: ironed or dryed only ( in this case price is calculated by weight)

There are also two different laundromat /laundrettes  available 24/24  in  San Gimignano by walking distance 5 minutes from the hotel.

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