I like swimming and playing tennis. Where can I do this?

10-07-2018 15:57

A large public swimming pool and 3 tennis courts on clay are located in S.Lucia at 2,5 km far from the hotel. The city bus Line 1 is passing every 60 minutes in front of the hotel door ( bus stop #9) and takes you to S.Lucia. You can take the same bus to come back to the hotel.

The space dedicated to swimming, placed into the greenery of the olive trees, has two open pools: one is 25 x 15 meters deep 180/130one for kids of 10 x 10 deep 74 cm, both with climatised water at 28 C°

Bath zone is surrounded by a solarium equipped with beach umbrellas, deck chairs and a green park of 2000 quarter meters enriched by plants and a kids’s garden.

During July and Agoust the wooden cloister opens its doors to offer the guests a bar service that’s goes also after the sunset, when the pool will be at the disposition of people who want to enjoy a night bath.

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