How far is nearest train station and how to get to the hotel without my own car?

06-03-2017 19:56

Coming from North or South it is suggested to take fast trains to Firenze and then a local train to Siena , getting off in Poggibonsi.

Closest train station is in POGGIBONSI ,about 10 km far from the San Gimignano:
Check train schedule online

Bus service is available from Poggibonsi  train station to -->  San Gimignano very often:
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Closest bus-stop to our hotel  is  Porta San Matteo.  

Please ask the bus driver if possible to get off at Porta San Matteo which is the second stop once you arrive to San Gimignano,we are just 100 meters walking up the historic main street on the right. From April to October a parking shuttle is available to get in fron of the hotel with your luggage

However,the best way to get to our hotel from Poggibonsi train station in case you don't have a car, is by taxi . Once you get to Poggibonsi by bus or train, taxi are usually standing out of the train station during the day until 8-10 pm which will take you to the front of the hotel at average fare 30 EUR 

 Please always require to be taken to the front of the hotel; we have notice by our Guest about some taxi-drivers who may try to leave you  at Porta San Matteo , stating  false reasons  due to restriced area to save time   

 For later arrival or any difficulty please call us anytime  at  0577 942014

Low cost bus service alternative to train to/from major destinations in Italy:
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